Our mission

Pura Raza Espagnola(PRE), is also known as the Andalusian horse. They are strongly built, but yet elegant. These horses are known for their energetic gaits, docility, intelligence and sensitivity.

Strengthening the Pura Raza Espagnola breed

Yeguada Alta Doce is working on keeping the heritage of these horses alive and exclusively dedicating to breeding and promoting the Pura Raza Espagnola horses. We are devoted to the development of the Pura Raza Espagnola as a breed. We will continue to build the reputation of the Pura Raza Espagnola as a reputable breed thru our strict breeding approvals and performance recognition. We are offering high quality breeding stock in this field which will assure our loyalty to our beloved horses.

Our breeding objectives

Our goal of breeding the Pura Raza Espagnola horses is to create sporthorse type to excel in various kind of disciplines of the equestrian world. The breeding stock should meet the strict requirements and be carefully selected for their qualities and potential. We believe that any breeding program should use only top quality horses: having the right bloodlines to produce correct and consistent conformation, athletic ability, good temperament and beautiful movement.

Supporting prospective buyers and breeders

We aim to encourage and support people to breed with a specific sporthorse goal in mind, therefore it is important to constantly evaluate and plan the future breedings. We want to get more recognition for the breed and to increase the amount of breeders for it by spreading our knowledge. We aim to support the other breeders and owners of the breed and try to offer them and make available all the necessary new bloodlines from our part for the breed to succeed.

About the Pura Raza Espagnola

In the past, most coat colors were found, including patterns like tobiano and overo. Nowdays most common coat colour is grey, although blacks and bays are seen more now too. Colors such as dun, palomino, chestnut, buckskin, pearl and cremello, are more rare, but are recognized as allowed colors by registries for the breed. These horses are known for their energetic gaits, docility, intelligence and sensitivity. They learn are responsive and cooperative, also quick to learn. PRE horses of today are used for many equestrian sports, including dressage and show jumping.

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